Water Filters for Homes with Wells

The quality of your home’s water supply can be affected by a number of naturally occurring and man made environmental influences. If your home is supplied by a well, the kind of filtration system you need may be quite different from those selected for urban homes and houses which are on municipal water systems.

Common Water Quality Concerns

There are many different kinds of water quality issues a well water home can present. There are chemicals which can leach into the ground water supply from mining and farming activities and from other industrial operations. If you’re on a well, you’re also very likely on a septic system, which means there are also bacterial concerns and may be problems with nitrate levels in the home water supply which should also be addressed through the selection of the right water filer system.

Performing a Water Quality Analysis

You may want to have a home water quality analysis performed in order to discover which issues are present with your well water supply and then make your selection of water filter system accordingly. Issues which can be present in older homes and those with wells may include:

  • Elevated acid or copper levels from older pipes in the home,
  • High arsenic levels from contaminated ground water supplies,
  • Harmful bacteria in the ground water supply from various environmental influences,
  • Elevated iron and manganese levels in natural ground water feeds,
  • High nitrate content in the water supply caused by farming operations or your own septic system.

You can perform your own home water analysis by purchasing a do-it-yourself water testing kit. There are many professional water quality analysis options available as well for determining the specific issues with your well water supply. Many water filtration system dealers, including local appliance retailers, offer no obligation water analysis tests for no cost or minimal investment.

Addressing Water Quality Issues

There’s often little you can do to correct the problems causing contaminated ground water supplies feeding your home’s well. You can however, address your home’s water quality issues by installing appropriate water filters to remove the harmful bacteria, toxins or metal particulates from your tap water.

Choosing the Right Water Filter

Once you know what the water quality issues are with your well water, you can then purchase the right water filter or whole home filtration system necessary for correcting the problem. For example, if your home water analysis comes back showing you have harmful bacteria in your tap water, a ceramic water filter would be the appropriate choice. This type of filter will not only eliminate bacterial concerns but will also address issues with sediment and particulates in your home water supply as well.

Or perhaps your water analysis shows issues with iron or manganese imbalances. This is a very common problem which results in smelly, discolored and often corrosive water. It can be damaging to your fixtures and appliances and can result in a number of health concerns as well. Hence, selecting a water filter which is specifically designed to address iron-manganese issues is the appropriate course of action, but one which can only be determined by completing an effective home water analysis prior to making your selection of a water filter or water filtration system for your home.

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